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6-9 cm tower 


Sphalerite, also known as zinc blende and black-jack, is a zinc sulfide mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, botryoidal, cubes, tetrahedral crystals, and dodecahedral crystals. Its most commonly silver and grey, but can also be seen as red, black, yellow, brown, green, and colorless. Sphalerite was discovered in 1847 by E.F. Glocker and was named after the Greek word meaning “treacherous”. Like most minerals during this time period, crystals that looked similar were just called under the same name. Sphalerite got its name from it constantly being confused with Galena. Its very common to find Sphalerite formed with a variety of minerals such as Fluorite, Pyrite, Galena, Dolomite, Quartz, and Calcite. Sphalerite is a common mineral that can be found all over the world, with the best specimens coming out of Mexico, Morocco, Switzerland and Franklin, New Jersey.


Sphalerite is here to help ground your energies and activate your lower 3 chakras. It raises one's courage, drive, and focus levels to heights they never knew they had within. This mineral helps one truly believe in themselves, and their ability to unlock their full potential in this life. Sphalerite pushes one to realize that their dreams are within their grasps and the only way to get there is through hard work and dedication. Sphalerite is here to provide you with the vitality and energy needed to push forward. Working with this stone will provide one with an “inner reflection” of themselves, as well as aid one as they grow into the person they truly want to be.

Grey Sphalerite Tower

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