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African Bloodstone Bracelet 8mm


Also called heliotrope, bloodstone is a form of chalcedony that includes opaque mossy greens and brick reds in an agate base, which can be opaque to translucent. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads offers both African bloodstone and Indian bloodstone. Although it was called "the Stone of Babylon" in late Classical times, by the Christian era it was named "the stone of martyrs." During the Middle Ages, the red spots were thought to be drops of Christ's blood, which gave the stone magical powers. In the 4th century, it was believed to make rain, create solar eclipses and give the power of invisibility.


Bloodstone is associated with two Western zodiac signs: Aries, Pisces and the so-called "new" sign Ophiuchus (snake-bearer). This connects the stone to the months of February, March, November and December.


Bloodstone is believed to work on the circulatory system: strengthening veins, toning the heart and fortifying the blood--all things that contribute to a long, healthy life. It is also associated with "getting your blood up"--the infusion of a person with courage and strength of purpose.

African Bloodstone Bracelet 8mm

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